Saving energy with OSWALD

OSWALD certified as climate neutral company

In 2021 the company OSWALD Elektromotoren GmbH has recorded its complete CO² emissions (Corporate Carbon Footprint). The emissions of a respective calendar year are the basis for all further steps in the field of climate management and climate neutrality.

For 2021, Oswald has completely compensated its CO² emissions and received the certificate CO² neutral company (Scope 1 and Scope 2).
The Rio Kama reforestation project in Nicaragua was financed as a compensation measure.

Independently of this, CO² reduction measures will continue to be driven forward within the company. Oswald suppliers are requested to record, reduce and compensate their CO² emissions.

Saving energy with modern electric motors

30% of the electricity generated worldwide powers electric motors. The optimisation and savings potential is enormous and is on the same order of magnitude as solar power generation.


  • Customer-specific optimised drive solutions
  • Increasing productivity with dynamic direct drive systems
  • Use of direct drive systems without transmission components
  • Energy optimisation of the machine, not the drive
  • Use of inverters on previously unregulated motors
  • Forgoing inverters on synchronous generators
  • Use of generators for energy recovery
  • Higher drive efficiencies (efficiency categories)

Other effects:
Space, equipment, and labour savings

Energy revolution within the company

Use of energy at Oswald Elektromotoren