Saving energy with OSWALD

OSWALD receives recertification as a climate-neutral company

Also in 2022, the company OSWALD Elektromotoren GmbH created a climate balance to record the emissions over a calendar year. The overall result for 2022 is available and has improved compared to 2021. The company was able to reduce CO2 emissions by 12.7% compared to the previous year. Measures were again taken this year to fully offset the company’s CO2 emissions. The certificate for a CO2-neutral company was thus recertified.

A forest protection project in Colombia was supported as a compensatory measure for 2022. The company itself does not offset any CO2. However, this project binds the same amount of CO2 as was emitted at the Miltenberg am Main site. The long-term goal as a company will be to continuously reduce CO2 emissions and to implement sensible measures that promote the achievement of this goal. A new CCF is therefore calculated annually as a basis in order to have a permanent overview of the emissions emitted. A first partial success was achieved by reducing emissions in 2022.

Saving energy with modern electric motors

30% of the electricity generated worldwide powers electric motors. The optimisation and savings potential is enormous and is on the same order of magnitude as solar power generation.


  • Customer-specific optimised drive solutions
  • Increasing productivity with dynamic direct drive systems
  • Use of direct drive systems without transmission components
  • Energy optimisation of the machine, not the drive
  • Use of inverters on previously unregulated motors
  • Forgoing inverters on synchronous generators
  • Use of generators for energy recovery
  • Higher drive efficiencies (efficiency categories)

Other effects:
Space, equipment, and labour savings

Energy revolution within the company

Use of energy at Oswald Elektromotoren