Productivity & Energy saving.

Motors for electric or hybrid ships, main drives and winch drives, generators


  • Serial and parallel setup
  • Reduction of energy consumption from 10 to 60%
  • Reduction of pollutant emission
  • Increase of total efficiency
  • Increase of operating safety and reliability
  • Reduction of operation- and maintenance costs
  • Extension of maintenance intervals
  • Drives and generators operate efficient over the total power range
  • Improvement of manoeuvrability of the vessel
  • Reduction of noise and vibration on board
  • More degrees of freedom in hull design
  • Variable arrangement of power generating units

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Flexible for your requirements

Depending on the propeller diameter and the gear ratio, suitable motor speeds and pole numbers are obtained for the PM-excited synchronous machine. Here you find examples for slowly rotating direct drives (TF) or faster rotating machines of the series named MFS. If you cannot find an appropriate motor in the list, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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Generator for Diesel mounting

300 kVA


datasheet GENSET 300


Power ratio

P: 10 – 2.500 kW
M: 100– 150.000 Nm
n: 0 - 20.000 U/min
m: 1 - 10.000 kg